JuneLab JL-66® Skincare products are manufactured with premium natural ingredients for your skincare needs.


JuneLab® adopts a rigorous process to analyze each ingredient to ensure that it is safe, gentle and effective for your skin care needs. First, we look to ancient, time-tested ingredients for our products – these natural plant extracts have been used for thousands of years by people around the world. Second, we use an FDA certified laboratory to clinically test our key ingredients. Third, we closely track the skin care industry, learning from colleagues and competitors. Finally, our ingredients are blended in a FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility. We are extremely careful about the ingredients we recommend and provide for your skin care.


Premium Line


The ingredients of Premium Line skincare creams are selected from a premium data base compiled by many skincare experts. These ingredients are considered as safe and effective for skine care applications.

Classic Line

Experience the secret to beauty - use these award wining skincare products for your day-to-day skin cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and replenishing maintenance.

JL-66® Tropical Fruit Extract Hand Lotions Combine exotic extracts of tropical fruits with powerful ingredients to protect your skin from various environmental factors. The formula enhances and replenishes your skin, giving it a soft, healthy, and luminous beauty.